Companies are an essential part of advising. Whether it is for use as a trading entity, a beneficiary of a trust or to act as trustee of a trust or superannuation fund they are still an important part of advising. Many advisors believe all company constitutions are the same. They are not.

The constitution should allow for multiple share classes and redeemable preference shares. This allows for a great deal of flexibility when structuring a client's affairs and when looking to withdraw funds from a company structure without the problems associated with Division 7A. The use of hybrid trusts should be considered for existing companies with retained earnings.

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SMSF Special Purpose Company
The MGS SMSF Special Purpose Company is a cost-effective way to avoid the long term problems associated with changing every investment and bank account when a new member joins, a member departs or a member dies. Obtains the concessional ASIC fee but may only act as SMSF Trustee.

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SMSF Custodian Trustee Company
A General Purpose company should act as the trustee for the SMSF Borrowing under Section 67A of SIS.
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General Purpose Company
Order a standard "Pty Ltd" company with your choice of name. Cost includes ASIC registration and is a "full featured" product incl all registers and records required by law. Warning - 24/7 orders placed with cheap online shops aren't checked for errors and are email only. All MGS orders are personally checked to avoid expensive amendments and re-lodgement. Your ACN and Certificate emailed fast.

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