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MGS is fast becoming the preferred provider of SMSF Deeds to Accounting, Law and Financial Planning Practitioners

New SMSF Package

Our deed contains all the essential requirements and leaves out the pages that others use to fill the binder. This avoids repetition and the need for repeated updates. It also means our deed is easy to read.

Just 15 pages and doesn't mention old taxable pensions, employers-sponsors and repeat law that shouldn't be in any deed. Best of all it comes complete with:

  • Investment Strategies Kit - 5 customisable documents required by s52(f)
  • SMSF Wills - Two non-lapsing SMSF Wills that mean death benefits go where it makes sense.
  • Transition To Retirement Kit - Guide, Checklist, PDS and all supporting documentation
  • Account Based Pension Kit
  • Pension Rollback Kit - Turn "Off" your pension, add pensions and simplify administration
  • Reserving Kit

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SMSF Update Package

Many deeds in the market just don't cut it. MGS reviewed a number of Deeds common to SMSF's and found these issues. It demonstrates that a large number of SMSF's are out of date, contain old law and fail to satisfy basic requirements that should be in the Governing Rules. MGS have developed the industry solution to fix out of date and poor quality SMSF deeds . Read more.

Recent changes to SIS following new law and the Cooper Review make this an ideal time to bring your clients affairs up to date. MGS offer tools to assist your firm to do this with pro-forma letters and an option to revenue-share to cover your overheads associated with SMSF updates. Update using our simple spreadsheet method. MGS supply each Update with a new SMSF binder containing durable labelled tabs with a Deed of variation plus replacement Deed, Copies plus access to every kit. You get all this

Volume pricing options are available on request and prior to 30 September. Updates have full access to ALL kits outlined above.

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Our SMSF Special Purpose Company is Different

The MGS SMSF Special Purpose Company is a cost-effective way to avoid the long term problems associated with changing every investment and bank account when a new member joins, a member departs or a member dies. This company receives the annual concessional company registration fee and avoids the concern with changing investment records at high cost (and complexity). Features of our SMSF Special Purpose Company include:

  • Voting Power is NOT based on member balance. Read why this is a concern
  • Remuneration and dividends may NOT be paid
  • Decisions may not be delegated by a Director to other Directors - Everyone is a decision maker consistent with SIS.
  • No Managing Director power
  • One class of shares
  • Shares are held non-beneficially
  • Constitution is tailored for a SMSF

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