Trust Deeds, Superannuation Funds & Companies

Macquarie Group Services offers you the very best in trust deeds, superannuation funds and companies. Our people ensure that all of our documents are current, by regularly reviewing them for compliance with the most recent decisions of the courts and tribunals and legislation. We also ensure that all of our documents are practical and workable, by listening to practitioners' needs.


We provide advice on State & Federal taxation issues, as well as brief counsel on complex or court and tribunal matters.

Macquarie Group Services is able to deliver comprehensive fee-based tax consulting. Our law and commerce qualified professional staff deliver advice on income tax and capital gains, GST, FBT, stamp duty, land tax, payroll tax and superannuation. We also deliver estate planning and organisational restructuring advice, and make submissions to the revenue authorities, for all types of businesses, projects and transactions. You should be aware that additional charges may apply, in those circumstances where the complexity of the matter warrants its referral to counsel.

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Briefing Counsel & AAT appearances

Macquarie Group Services also assists practitioners with briefs to Counsel and appearing on behalf of a client before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We can assist practitioners with Private Binding Ruling requests, negotiations with the revenue authorities, claims for defective administration and other general dealings with the revenue authorities.

Other Precedents

Macquarie Group Services has developed a wide range of precedent documents to be used in structuring clients' affairs. From partnership agreements to a licence to use a trademark many varied documents are available.

The documents are available for ordering and can be quickly altered to suit your clients particular needs or situation. If there is a document you require for your client and it isn't available please feel free to suggest the precedent and we will consider providing same. Documents are normally provided within 24 hours of ordering, however special arrangements can be made where the matter is urgent and an email of the document is required.

If you have any queries regarding our precedents or would like a precedent not available on the site please Contact Us.

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Other Precedents
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Other Free Precedents
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